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Bag a property bargain in Albania

Albania PropertyDoes the thought of traveling to the usual hotspots of Spain, Greece and France no longer appeal? If the desire to expand one’s horizons in search of ancient history, imposing mountains and calm blue waters seems more tempting than fighting for a square inch of beach to lay your towel on the Costa del Sol, the Adriatic nation of Albania might just make for the perfect summer destination this year.

Albania named as Hot Destination of 2012

albania propertyThe Balkan nation of Albania was relatively unknown a couple of years ago and if mentioned, it was most certainly not as a holiday destination. But things are changing rapidly with this enigma of a country repeatedly hitting the travel headlines these days for all the right reasons.

In 2011 the auspicious Lonely Planet guide put Albania in at #1 in their ‘Best in Travel for 2011’ list. Shortly after, London’s very own global business newspaper, The Financial Times dubbed Albania one of the year’s most intriguing prospects for emerging travel.

Albania: A top value destination for property investors

Buy-property-in-AlbaniaTravel guide Frommer’s has declared the Albanian Riviera as the Top Value Destination for 2012 according to its editors, authors, and experts from around the world.

Unveiling their list of top travel destinations for next year, the experts at Frommer’s also polled readers to find out where they wanted to visit in 2012 with the beautiful Albanian Riviera emerging as a winner.

The list which included something for everyone, from large cities, to quiet beach towns and riverside homes highlighted Albania as having all the natural attractions of its Croatian counterpart in the north but without the large crowds and high prices.

Property investors look to Albania

Albania is increasingly looking like a good place for foreign property investors to buy property in. According to Albania’s Central Bank, economic growth in the second quarter of 2011 will be around 3.4%, the same level registered in Q1 2011 with a forecast of lower inflation for the remainder of the year.

Over the last ten years, Albania’s economy has seen real GDP growth and, despite the economic downturn in 2008, is one of only two countries in Europe that not only recorded economic growth of 0.4% in Q1 2009 but also an impressive 6% growth from 2001-10 – meaning Albania can boast one of the strongest performances in Europe.

Albania: A good bet for property investment?

Albania Real Estate InvestmentAlbania looks set to be one of the next property investment hotspot, with it looking likely that many property investors in the country may be people looking to retire to Albania.

France and Spain have traditionally been the two countries that people retire to – particularly the British. However recently, many retirees are looking further afield and Albania is a country which has garnered much interest – thanks in part due to the cheaper property prices when compared to France and Spain.

A Buyers Guide To Albania

Real Estate in AlbaniaAlbania is hotly tipped to be the next big thing in overseas real estate investment.

Albania: Ancient Apollonia

Since the end of the Balkan war and independence in the early 90’s the Balkans have started to open up to tourism. Thus far, it has mostly been back packers and intrepid travellers who have made their way through this fabulous country.

Albania has had a bad reputation internationally and has been plagued by social and political problems. Currently the country is undergoing a massive internal change, huge amounts of investment have been poured into the infrastructure, the government is working with overseas advisors to implement change and there is a definite desire to be on a par with their neighbours such as Greece, Croatia and Italy.

Albania Property: One To Watch For 2011

Albania Real Estate InvestmentAccording to some property experts, Albania will be the property market to watch in 2011.

Known as the land of the eagle, 2011 will be the year for Albania. Located in South Eastern Europe, just 45 miles across the Strait of Otranto from Italy, Albania looks set to spread its wings and realise its potential as an exciting, new and lucrative second home market say the real estate and financial experts of the Lalzit Bay Resort & Spa.