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Croatia Property Bounces Back

After civil war plaguing the country throughout the 90s, Croatia is starting to regain it’s popularity with tourists again through the lure of it’s 6,000km of Adriatic coastline and 1,000+ islands.

In the 1980s, Croatia had a thriving tourism industry, attracting millions of people to it’s stunning countryside each year. However civil war wiped most of this tourism out and it is only now that the tourism industry is really getting back on it’s feet.

A guide to property tax in Croatia

British citizens are permitted to buy property in Croatia, either under their own name, or through a company which has been setup in Croatia.

Private Purchases
All private purchases must be approved by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This process can take up to 18 months to complete, on top of the normal house-buying process time. This way is a good way though as it means that if the property is sold after three years of ownership, no gains value tax is charged. However this route does mean that you can not claim VAT back on purchase costs.

Island Paradises in Croatia

Croatia is land of many islands and is famed for it’s stunning 1,100 mile stretch of coast known as the Dalmation Coast. It it home to some of the best coastal waters in Europe, luring many tourists to the extensive water sports offered, and drawing sun-seekers to it’s numerous warm, sandy beaches. Croatia is also a land of history – it has lots of ancient monuments including many Roman ruins. In fact, it is predicted that Croatia will be in the World’s top five tourist destinations.