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Montenegro: Real Estate Update

What a difference a year makes. At the start of 2008 Montenegro was heralded as one the best places for foreign investors to buy property, helped along by new law proposals which would make it easier for overseas property buyers to purchase real estate in the country.

However the country has not escaped the financial turmoil gripping the globe. With some perceiving there is a lack of economic security in Montenegro and the infrastructure worrying some, the real estate market has stagnated and properties have not seen the surge in prices that was once predicted.

Montenegro: The next property hot spot?

With the news that Montenegro Airlines are set to start flying to London Gatwick, many property investors believe that property in Montenegro is set to be one of the next big property hot spots.

The direct flights not only open up the market to UK investors, but will also give the local area a boost to their tourism industry. Montenegro is starting to see transport links with many countries, and with promises made to improve the infrastructure throughout the country, it is easy to see why some foreign property investors are getting excited about Montenegro.

Montenegro backs property law change for overseas investors

The Government in Montenegro has backed a draft law which will make it easier for buying foreign propertys to purchase real estate in the country.

Currently, there is a law in place which states that any buyer from overseas must setup a company if they wish to buy real estate for development purposes. However the Montenegrin Government are now backing a removal of this law which will help overseas buyers invest in the country’s real estate.

Montenegro – a buyer’s guide

Montenegro is currently one of the hottest places to buy. Over the past few years, tourist numbers have increased by 17%, pushing property prices up with some foreign investors seeing up to 30% increases on the values of the properties. As the country is such a good place to buy, here at, we have put together a quick guide to the buying process in Montenegro.

Finding Your Property
Once you have found your perfect Montenegrin property, a pre-contract is signed and a deposit must be paid. We advise that you find a lawyer who speaks Montenegrin and your mother-tongue fluently so that they can advise you through the contract and the buying process. It is also good if they have a good working knowledge of laws in your home country.

Montenegro Update

Montenegro is on the up and up. Over the past five years, the amount of foreign investors has increased dramatically. This has helped push prices up with some investors seeing a 30% increase on their property values year on year.

Much has changed in the past five years in Montenegro to allay investor fears – there are far more enlgish speaking professionals who can help with your purchases, and with the introduction of foreign mortgages and increased levels of legislation designed to protect foreign buyers, Montenegro looks to be an excellent place to invest.

Montenegro – a Mediterranean jewel

Montenegro is one of the hottest tipped places for 2007 for buying a second home in the Mediterranean. Property is cheap, but caution is advised.

Montenegro’s charm comes from it’s stunningly beautiful coastline, extremely cheap real estate and incredibly friendly people. Montenegro has captured the hearts of many stars, and recently Jeremy Irons, Chrissie Hynde and Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are all rumoured to have bought property in the country.