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Polish property still hot

Poland still tops the list for many property investors looking to buy abroad. Earlier in the year, research showed that the Polish market was still buoyant with many investors seeing their properties rise by up to 50%. The market has slowed a little but there are still massive gains to be made.

If you are looking to buy in Poland, it is worth looking at some of the smaller towns and cities where property prices are much lower that either Krakow or Warsaw, and have the potential to have the same amount of growth for a smaller initial outlay.

Poland: A guide to the buying process

Poland is one of the current hottest places to buy in Europe for foreign investors. This article gives you a brief overview of the property buying process in Poland.

Once you have found a property to buy, it is advisable to hire an experienced notary to help you through the buying process. Notaries are publicly appointed officials who have no loyalty to either the vendor or the buyer – their main role is to draft legal documents, ensure that all relevant taxes are paid, and to register the property transaction with the relevant authorities. You are able to hire a secondary notary who will act in your interests, but this is not mandatory. If you do hire a notary, it is advisable to find one who is well versed in not only Polish law, but the laws our your own country and who speaks your language as well as Polish fluently.

Polish Paradise?

The cities of Warsaw and Krakow in Poland are offering investors some great opportunities in property with high growth potential, low risk and some great real estate deals. High levels of direct foreign investment into the country in all areas of the economy have produced a stable financial environment and the Polish Government have been quick to take advantage of the economic stability by creating a series of economic incentives including the rebate of real estate tax, the payment of grants, and reimbursement of land costs for certain investors. All of these factors mean that the country is set to be a good place to invest in and is an area that should produce excellent long term gains.

Polish Property Push

Top of the European house price growth league table is Poland. Values have taken a huge jump in the past year, with the average price increase being a massive 33%. Smart investors who bought a couple of years ago in the country’s capital, Krakow, are celebrating 58% rises, making the city Europe’s top performing city.

Surprisngly, the European market is still buoyant, despite the US property market stagnating. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in the UK did a survey comparing house price growth rates in 26 European countries. The results showed that most countries saw solid growth figures, above the rate of inflation.