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Portugal’s PM announces new airport

Portuguese Prime Minister Jose Socrates has announced plans for a new airport to open near Lisbon. The new airport will cost around 4.9 billion Euros to build and will be situated on the south side of the Tagus River, just under 12 miles from Lisbon.

The news means that the Silver and Blue Coast may be the perfect place for foreign property investors to search for new investments for the property portfolio – the extra transport links will mean increasing rental demand in the area, and this means that property prices will probably grow significantly.

Eco-friendly in Portugal

Being Green is the latest trend to be. Property developers, ever quick to cash in on the latest trends and fashions, have picked up on this and developers in Portugal have started work on a new eco-friendly development in the beautiful setting of the Silver Coast.

Joia das Dunas is a new sustainable development in central Portugal and if offers the latest in green housing technology. The developers are hoping to minimise the carbon footprint of the villas without compromising on deisgn aspects. Each villa will be built from locally sourced materials which can be recycled; Natural geothermal energy will be used for the heating and cooling systems. Heating bills are predicted to be about 66-74% less than heating provided by natural gas or electric.

Portugal: A Buyer’s Guide

Due to it’s stunning scenery, gorgeous beaches and wonderful weather, Portugal is a popular place for foreign property investment. The process of buying property in Portugal is relatively simple as long as a good solicitor is found who can offer good advice on tax and legal issues.

When you have found a property you want to buy, your first step is to familiarise yourself with the local town hall known as the ‘Camara’. At this stage, it is also wise to find an independent Portuguese lawyer who speaks your language fluently.

Portugal – beautiful beaches and wonderful weather

Portugal has been popular for foreign property investors for a number of years. The Algarve is the most popular place thanks to it’s miles of beautiful beaches and hot weather. It is still an excellent place to invest as the property prices are still strong, however taking more of a risk in a less developed area may produce better returns.