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New Romanian Airport Announced

The green light has been given for a new airport to be built in Basov, Romania. Located in the heart of the country, Basov is well placed for travelling to the Black Sea, the Carpathian mountains and southern Transylvania.

The new airport, which will be located 166 km from Bucharest, will certainly help attract more buying foreign propertys to the country. With the increased numbers of flights into the area, it is hoped that numbers of tourists will increase. This should increase not only property prices in the area, but also rental yields making the area attractive for property buyers who are looking to buy in Eastern Europe.

Romania – a buyer’s guide

Romania joined the EU on January 1 2007, opening up a new route to European property investors. With a colourful history and cheap prices, Romania is hotly tipped to be one of the next property hotspots.

Developers have already moved in and property prices are already on the move upwards with many predicting prices to reach the heady height of a 30% return in 2007. New apartments are being completed in most of the major towns and cities, increasing the property range on the market.

Romania – huge returns on property to be made

Romania was recently highlighted by Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun as the best place for property investment returns.  One of the big reasons behind the predicted increase in the Romanian property prices is because Romania looks set to join in the EU.  This means now could be a fantastic time to invest in Romania, before the prices start to increase sharply. Historically, once a country has been given its accession foreign investment starts to enter the country and the country gains extremely good economic prospects. Romania will also introduce the Euro as an official currency.  The Accession Treaty to the European Union for Romania was signed on 25 April 2005 and it is expected that Romania will become a member of the EU in the next year or so.