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Switzerland: Good long-term prospects

Switzerland has long been a popular place to buy for foreign property investors for many reasons – the low taxes, low crime rate, no wars since 1515 and the stunning scenery.

Property in Switzerland is not cheap, although the property market is stable and Switzerland continues to be seen a good country to invest in. Over the past 5 years, the average property price in Switzerland has risen by about 40% although growth is expected to slow in the near future. Capital gains tax reduces from 30% to 13% after 10 years, and then down to 0% after 22 years, making it an attractive country to buy in for those looking for long term property investment.

Switzerland: A buyer’s guide

There are two main types of foreign buyers in Switzerland – those who are very rich and are looking for a low-tax haven, and those who are interested in winter sports and are looking for a property in a premier mountain location. The popularity of Switzerland means that property prices and the cost of living are high, however due to the high demand, it can be a good place for foreign property investors to buy.

If you are looking for a property in western Europe that offers spectacular scenery, tasty food and a diverse culture, Switzerland may just be the place to buy.

Verbier foreign sales banned

The top Swiss ski resort of Verbier has banned foreigners from buying homes there for the next year. The waiting lists for property are already incredibly long with over 1000 people currently on ths list and the ban imposed by the Government is meant to ease pressure on the resort and surrounding areas. However locals are worried that this means that buyers will look elsewhere and the resort will lose some of it’s popularity.

Seven communes in the canton Valais area are party to the ban on foreign sales. The federal law – the ‘Lex Koller’ – already limits the number of holiday homes bought by foreigners. This currently stands at 310 units for Valais.