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Is Miami Beach a Good Place To Invest in Real Estate?

Miami Beach is official 100 years old! To celebrate, we are looking at whether purchasing property in the Miami Beach area is a good investment or not.

Miami Beach attracts an international crowd and the rich and famous have long chosen Miami Beach as a favoured area for second homes. South Beach is probably the most popular area and commands the highest prices particularly as property supply is quite constrained. However there are some delightful Art Deco buildings in the central South Beach area that are protected from development – the prices are reasonable and the protection means these prices are likely to remain stable and therefore represent a good investment.

Miami: The place to buy in America

For overseas property investors looking to buy real estate in the US, Miami looks to be one of the better bets.

According to the latest real estate figures, the Miami property market has seen property prices increase for the past four months and the price of condos in the area is 46 percent higher than at the same time last year.

All this is excellent news for property investors and many experts believe that these positive trends will continue as Miami is a popular area for second-home buyers as well as with international property purchasers.

US vs EU Ski Property Investment

ski property investmentWhen thinking about investing in ski property, the US is probably not the first place that comes to mind. Most often, property investors think more towards the French Alps. However places such as Colorado offer equally good opportunities to those wishing to purchase a ski property investment.

One of the major attractions of purchasing a skiing property in the US rather than Europe is the cost. Since the global recession, US property has tanked and has yet to fully recover. This means that there are more opportunities for investors at both ends of the scale – budget ski properties and luxury skiing properties. Estate agents in Colorado have said that some properties have seen price drops of up to 35pc since their highest point and this has piqued the interest of increasing numbers of international property buyers.

Why now is the right time for Florida Property Investment

Florida Property InvestmentThe real estate market in Florida has undeniably been in decline since the heady boom years of 2006/7 however with property prices now reaching levels seen nearly a decade ago, it is savvy international buy-to-let investors who are snapping up prime properties at bargain prices.

Floridian property experts Property Frontiers believe that the sunshine state has finally reached the bottom of the cycle and that home prices will slowly but surely begin to once again increase. This feeling is echoed by the Florida Association of Realtors (FAR) who has reported a 24% increase in existing home sales in March 2011 compared to the same time last year.

Orlando Home Prices Hit 13 Year Low

Orlando HousesPrices of homes in Florida are at their lowest for 13 years. Figures out this week from the Orlando Regional Realtor Association show that Orlando’s median home price in January 2011 sank to $94,950 – its lowest level since November 1997.

Cheap cash deals are driving more than half the sales. The Orlando Sentinel reports: “Usually a drop in prices means a boost in sales, but January’s total was down sharply from December, which is the historical pattern. Only 1,950 sales were recorded for the month by the local Realtors group, down 21 percent the previous month and the slowest month in a year.

Orlando Property Prices Hit 12 Year Low

Orlando PropertyAverage Orlando property prices are reported to have dropped 8% from July to a low of $99,900 in August and sales prices were down 22% from last year allowing savvy property investors to snap up bargain properties.

For the first time in more than a decade, the average price of a home in Orlando has dropped to less than $100,000 (£63,933). The Orlando Regional Realtor Association this week reported that average home prices dropped 8% from July to a low of $99,900 in August and sales prices were down 22% from last year.

Florida: A great place for property investment in 2010

Florida propertyThe Sunshine State has always been a popular place for overseas property investors however in the last 18 months, it has fallen out of favour. Prices have crashed – in many cases, property prices have halved – and Florida had the second highest foreclosure rate in the America in 2008 affecting a massive one in 22 properties. Having been siezed by the banks, many of these Florida foreclosed properties now remain empty.

The sheer quantity of properties being foreclosed, and the number of empty properties littering the state, left many investors nervous about buying property in Florida. However in recent months, interest has started to pick up again.