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Should you be buying property overseas in 2015?

should you be buying overseas in 2015Should you be buying overseas in 2015? It’s been a turbulent few years for foreign property buyers and some property markets have been hard to predict. However most popular overseas property buyer destinations appear to have started to settle down making buying a far less volatile proposition. So is 2015 a good year to invest in more property? Here, we look at three of the more popular destinations for buying property and evaluate whether we think they are good places to buy or not.

Booming UK buy-to-let industry tempts Brits to buy overseas

UK Buy to let boomUK Buy-to-let landlords have benefited from a booming property market in the past 15 years so it is no surprise that many are looking to do the same thing with properties overseas.

UK landlords have seen massive returns in their property portfolios over the past 15 years. With returns averaging over 1,400% since 1996, there are very few other investments that have been able to match this exceptional return. However these big figures were only made in the residential market – the commercial property market has not been so lucrative according to figures from Wriglesworth Consultancy.

The World’s 10 most expensive cities – 2015 Edition

World's most expensive citiesGot some cash and want to splash it on residential property? These are the World’s 10 most expensive cities in 2015 according to the Knight Frank wealth report and how many square metres $1 million will buy you in each place.

10. Los Angeles, US. $1 million in LA will buy you just 57 square metres of property on average.

9. Paris, France. $1 million buys you a cool 50 square metres of property.

8. Shanghai, China. $1m buys 48 square metres of property in this premium Chinese city.

Dubai Property Prices Fall

Dubai real estateProperty investment in Dubai remains a risky prospect in the short-term with residential prices falling by nearly four percent in the first six weeks of 2015. All types of property, including villas and apartments, have seen their prices fall although average villa prices have fallen less than apartment prices.

Rental prices are remaining around the same price meaning rental yields are actually increasing.

However it property prices are not expected to increase in the short-term meaning anyone looking to buy property in Dubai must be looking to the long-term market.

Top 4 Places To Invest in 2015 with a Beach

Beach real estateThe weather is getting warmer and many of us are starting to dream of a beach holiday. Beaches have always attracted people and tourists and this makes them a good place to invest in property. So where should you start looking if you wanted to invest in a property near a beach?

1. Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a really popular destination for sun seekers of all nations. It’s also one of the top places for Caribbean property investors for two reasons. Firstly, there is a strong rental demand from tourists. However there is also a growing expat population and this is helping property prices. Secondly, compared to the rest of the Caribbean, property prices are lower and potentially could offer better returns over time.


Property Watch: Spain rules the roost

Spain’s austerity measures certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of property investors in September, according to’s Investment Watch.

Three of the top ten spots in the Investment Watch table were taken up by properties in Spain, with La Manga and Ibiza proving to be very popular destinations for prospective investors.

Properties in Las Lomas Village, Murcia and Ibiza attracted more enquiries than all other properties in the table combined, which shows that Spain’s retains its enduring ability to attract sun-seeking property investors.

Brazil also featured heavily in the table, which comes as no surprise given the perennial appeal of beach properties.

The Rise And Fall…and Rise Of Dubai’s Property Market?

Dubai real estateIn the early 2000’s, Dubai was able to establish itself at the forefront of world real estate investment as ex-pats flocked to the rapidly expanding, tax free haven in the United Arab Emirates. But like all bubbles it was to eventually burst. After floating on a healthy breeze of consumer demand, the wind changed after the global economic disaster of 2008 and only now are the green shoots of recovery peeping through.