Property Watch: Spain rules the roost

Spain’s austerity measures certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of property investors in September, according to’s Investment Watch.

Three of the top ten spots in the Investment Watch table were taken up by properties in Spain, with La Manga and Ibiza proving to be very popular destinations for prospective investors.

Properties in Las Lomas Village, Murcia and Ibiza attracted more enquiries than all other properties in the table combined, which shows that Spain’s retains its enduring ability to attract sun-seeking property investors.

Brazil also featured heavily in the table, which comes as no surprise given the perennial appeal of beach properties.

Country Focus: Brazilian Property

Brazil is a great country to look at for prospective foreign property purchasers.

Brazil is looking to have the third largest tourism economy by 2020 and this means good news for property investors in the country. Being hosts of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games should drive up visitor numbers. 134 million has also been earmarked for international promotion of Brazil by Embratur (The Brazilian Institute of Tourism) and this means that Brazil will be at the forefront of many people’s minds over the coming years.

At a glance: Buying property in Greece

The Greek housing market is all at sea, according to’s latest At a Glance report.

The infographic, which depicts the activity on the portal over the last year, shows that interest in mainland property is markedly low compared to homes on the islands, which accounted for an overwhelming 64.97 per cent of all enquiries.

The Peloponnese was the most popular region on solid ground, generating 15.49 per cent of enquiries, while Attica received some attention thanks to property in Athens, but northern areas, such as Central Macedonia, received far fewer enquiries. Some, such as West Macedonia, saw no enquiries whatsoever – indicative of a lack of sellers as much as buyer demand.

Bag a property bargain in Albania

Albania PropertyDoes the thought of traveling to the usual hotspots of Spain, Greece and France no longer appeal? If the desire to expand one’s horizons in search of ancient history, imposing mountains and calm blue waters seems more tempting than fighting for a square inch of beach to lay your towel on the Costa del Sol, the Adriatic nation of Albania might just make for the perfect summer destination this year.

The Rise And Fall…and Rise Of Dubai’s Property Market?

Dubai real estateIn the early 2000’s, Dubai was able to establish itself at the forefront of world real estate investment as ex-pats flocked to the rapidly expanding, tax free haven in the United Arab Emirates. But like all bubbles it was to eventually burst. After floating on a healthy breeze of consumer demand, the wind changed after the global economic disaster of 2008 and only now are the green shoots of recovery peeping through.

5.8% growth in Nicaraguan economy drives confidence in property investors

Nicaragua real estate investmentAccording to the Central Bank of Nicaragua, the construction and mining industries are propelling economic growth in the Latin American nation this year with an average annual growth of 5.8% in the first quarter of 2012 as highlighted by the Monthly Economic Activity Index (IMAE).

Marcus Vassiliou, Sales Manager of alternative investment company, EcoInvestments comments, “Nicaragua’s economic growth remains solid with mining continuing to excel and construction booming with an estimated 600 projects running in 2012. Indeed, Nicaraguan officials have expressed a plan to build a $30 billion canal that will rival the famous Panama Canal in the next 10 years and this has generated a wave of interest in the Latin American nation from the likes of Japanese, Chinese, Russian, and Brazilian investors. This project is expected to help drive the economy further and with projects such as this, Nicaragua will go from strength to strength.”

Miami: The place to buy in America

For overseas property investors looking to buy real estate in the US, Miami looks to be one of the better bets.

According to the latest real estate figures, the Miami property market has seen property prices increase for the past four months and the price of condos in the area is 46 percent higher than at the same time last year.

All this is excellent news for property investors and many experts believe that these positive trends will continue as Miami is a popular area for second-home buyers as well as with international property purchasers.